Every household has individuals who consume medications every now and then. Even if not on a daily basis, the households do have a medical kit ready in cases of emergency. However, guessing you are here because you probably have a lot of medical supplies and equipment that make your bathroom and home fairly cluttered. 
This is basically a safety risk since the correct person should only access the items especially if there are children at home. Only the person using the medications should have access to the pill boxes as all medications come with side effects. 
However, to reduce the risks and make things simple, it is important that you organize the medical supplies. Wondering how? Well, then read the below-listed tips for some help. 
  • Declutter the Supplies 

One of the first steps in organizing medical supplies is starting to declutter. To practice for monitoring expiration dates and maintaining the supplies, you are suggested to check the medicine cabinet or the supply closet. Everything should be removed and put on the table. 
Look for the expiry dates of the medicine and set them aside if you want to discard them. Also, get rid of the medications that you have not used in the past six months. Use a cleaner and a paper towel to remove the dust that has gotten into the medical supply. When thinking of getting rid of the medicines, cross-check and hold on to them in case you need them again.
  • Label the Medicines

The next thing to do is identify the pill boxes of the containers by writing on each one of them with a marker. In order to properly indicate what is inside the container, you can get sticky labels or a piece of tape and a marker.
These pill boxes are convenient organizers for managing medications. They have seen through that enabling one to see the medications inside. You can be very particular with the name that is written on every item in the container. When you label them accordingly, you will know the intended function of the medications.
  • Place Items that are Frequently Used on the Lower Shelf 

To keep the medications organized, you are suggested to keep the medicine boxes close at hand. Organize the remaining shelves of supplies and keep the medicines that are less used on the top shelves. 
Set the items like bandages, prescriptions and others on the lower shelf.  The shelf that is closest to the arm level should hold the most often used medications. However, these medicine boxes should be out of the reach of the children. 
  • Use Separate Shelves for Different Medicines 

It is very important that you use a separate shelf for different medicines. For instance, the painkillers, allergy medications, basic first aid supplies and other prescription drugs should be kept on different shelves.
In case your medicine cabinet does not have multiple shelves, then you can use the medicine boxes and keep them one above the other accordingly. Keep the medicine boxes on the top that you need frequently and the ones that are not required should be kept at the bottom.

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