Use a Canon inkjet printer straight away to start printing high-quality documents after downloading the setup from Setup instructions are available on Canon's official support page. Ij start canon provides access to the bulk of the printing features offered by Canon products. Due to their adaptability, Canon inkjet printers are suited for both home and office use. To guarantee that your Canon printer produces top-notch results, finish the Canon iJ setup installation with ij start canon. Learn how to utilize Canon to print documents more quickly, effectively, and with great quality by visiting the website.

Complete setup instructions for the Canon inkjet printer

Although each Canon model has a different setup process, they can all be downloaded and installed at https / utilizing the same essential methods. Your Canon printer model needs to be configured as the first step.

  • The Canon printer model needs to be taken out of the box after the lid has been taken off.
  • Remove any tape, plastic, and other packing materials from the plastic-encased model hardware.
  • Make sure the surface is spotless and close to the computer or laptop before setting the printer down.
  • Look over the supplies that are included with your inkjet printer. A power cord, cartridges, and a handbook are a few examples. Another is a Mac and Windows setup CD.
  • Pressing the ON button will turn on your printer.
  • If a steady light comes on, take out and shut the Paper Output Tray.
  • Slide the paper guide after installing the Fine and Ink cartridges.
  • After putting everything back in its proper place and checking that it is, add the relevant blank pages.
  • setting up the model of Canon printer. Get the most recent printer driver by visiting https://ij.start.cannon before continuing.

Setting Up WiFi on a Canon IJ Printer

WiFi or a wireless connection is the best way to connect your PC and Canon printer. For this method to work, your printer must support wifi. Let's now examine the process for establishing a WiFi connection with an IJ printer.

Step 1: Verify that your Canon printer is turned on.

Step 2: Install the printer drivers that you downloaded from ij.start.cannon in step two.

Step 3: To switch on your Canon device, press the ON button.

Step 4: Press or touch the WiFi or wifi sign to select it.

Step 5: At this point, make sure your wifi router is turned on. The WiFi light ought to start flashing.

Step 6: Finally, give the wireless router's WPS button a quick press.

Step 7: A message will show if your printer is connected. Otherwise, check to see if the WiFi and ON lights are turned on; if they are, your connection is active.

IJ Canon printer connect via USB to start installing.

If your inkjet printer cannot connect wirelessly or if you do not want to go through the time-consuming process, a USB cable connection can be employed. You should use a USB cable that is three to five meters long. start the Canon iJ setup process after that;

Step 1: Keep using your Canon printer.

Step 2: As an alternative, you can download drivers from the internet or install from a CD. Place the printer's accompanying Canon installation CD in its drive.

Step 3: Go to http://ij.start.cannon to access the Canon printer support website.

Step 4: To access the download page, click "Setup" and type the model number of your Canon inkjet printer.

Step 5: You may get help selecting a product on the IJ printer products website. To receive a direct driver download, type the model name into the box that appears.

Step 6: In the upper right corner, choose your operating system. Next, select the Download tab in the center and wait while the drivers and software for your Canon printer download.

Step 7: Double-click the installer package to start the installation process. The setup file for Canon iJ is automatically extracted.

Step 8: Select "USB connection" from the menu on the following page.

Step 9: After the USB cable has surfaced, attach it to the printer and computer hardware. Connect the cable's other end to the back of the Canon model and one end to a USB port on the computer.

Step 10: Accept permissions and choose your printer model. Additionally, pick an access point from the list.

Step 11: Complete the USB configuration by following the on-screen instructions. then click the button.

Using the http://ij.start.cannon website, which we constructed to the best of our ability, users can configure Ij printers using the instructions on this page, all of which are compatible with Canon Inkjet printers. Follow the directions on the page to install a Canon printer.

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