Cleveland Browns Madden 23 coins receiver Jordan Cameron claims it's the focus of defenses that aren't as good as theirs, rather than issues with the quarterback Jason Campbell that has slowed his speed in recent weeks according to Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"I must speed things up and I must find a way to get open,'' said Cameron. "I must work hard to make it into the game and play more. I need to take on the role of a player and do whatever I can to help this team. That's my goal.''

The third-year wide receiver was enjoying an impressive 2013. but his performance has diminish significantly over the past two weeks, with the new quarterback Jason Campbell targeting Cameron just 18 times over the past three games. Cameron was averaging 45 receptions for 515 yards and scored six touchdowns over the initial seven games of the season, has just seven receptions for 33 yards over the past two games.

Cameron, who had been emerging as a big-play threat for the offensively-challenged Browns this season, says that defenses are rolling coverage his way and are now limiting his effectiveness downfield. Cameron is a young receiver who says that it's up to him to work harder to beat the coverage and isn't worried about his chemistry with the team's starting quarterback.

"I don't believe that it's Jason not at all",'' Cameron declared. "They're hitting you on the line and Buy Madden 23 coins then there's somebody hitting you on the second level, so it's just a little more difficult to chemistry with the route. The timing is a little off."