I will be that disappointed, if the spirit gets obliterated in the Dofus game. I don't recall anyone ever complaining about this particular Dofus Kamas method. They were only suggestions, such as the one mentioned above, to balance the problem of these dinosaurs necessary to be murdered with the max stats offered by the spirit eater pets.I guess that from this new upgrade pets won't be one of my favorite thing in game.I feel stupid for buying already not 1, not two... but 8 ceremonial lil dragons (I forgot name) with irl cash, because I will not be needing them anymore. We have not been advised before these lil dragons were that a revamp obliteration of spirit eater pets is about to come?

The area where creatures attack has been gradually reduced over the years (and is now down to one cell about each creature ), but the monster attack mechanic has not altered since Dofus game first came out. Update 2.45 will introduce a new system for managing monster aggression which we expect will be less frustrating and simpler to comprehend. Killer strikes in DOFUS are viewed as a futile restriction. While there may be valid criticisms of the manner in which it is applied, we still believe that a fantastic monster aggression system is an interesting gameplay mechanic.

DOFUS presents an open world where characters may move about freely without strict constraints (e.g. that there are very few level restrictions on personality access to several areas). It is difficult to earn exploration exciting when characters can move from the start of Dofus game. We like the idea that certain areas may be harmful for starting characters, which a risk is represented by venturing into those regions, which by leveling up, characters can become strong enough to explore more dangerous locations.

Having areas that are harmful for non - to mid-level personalities is a fantastic way to make finding the regions of Dofus match a more gradual process. It also allows us to make sure that not only any character (unless they are eager to accept a greater degree of difficulty) may have access to quests or tools that are primarily meant for higher-level characters.Whenever potential, we want to prevent imposing rigorous constraints on access to various areas based on personality level; we would rather create virtually all areas accessible to all personalities, as long as they are willing to face the related risks.

We wanted to make the attack system dynamic. From now on, standing will place characters at risk, and running will be the best way to prevent competitive monsters.A character who keeps moving should consequently be able to readily prevent monster strikes. We intend to take complete Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale advantage of the more flexible new method to make sure regions of Dofus match dangerous for personalities that aren't attentive enough, or who are not supposed to be there at the first place (too big a difference between the monsters' level and that of the characters).