In the process of buying a product in the business market, a customer's expectation is that they purchase a product which is authenticated and original. But it's very tough with the present market situation of counterfeiting the real product. This can be eradicated with the help of holograms. Holograms are the patterns produced by the manufacturing company to avoid the duplication of the product. There are many types and varieties are available in the market.

These security labels indicate the consumers that they are paying for the original and not for the forged product. By this identification the customer relationship becomes strong. This tampering of the original product not only damages the interest of the consumers but also brings a shift in economic damage for the manufacturer. The hologram can be in vinyl form in rectangular or sticker manufacturer. It can also be replaced with tags for some products. These are two and three dimensional stickers which are unique for every product. If the sticker or label is not strong enough it can be easily removed and replaced. Even though it is a cost effective method to identify the manufacturer's product, it is advisable to take utmost care for the label.

The reason behind the success of the security holograms is that they provide a visible guarantee for the consumers. This labeling is done for many products such as doors, bags, political labels, and so on. This also works as a promotional tool for the manufacturer, when it is on their product no one can tamper it or make it as a fake one. The best part of it is, the security label can not be photocopied or scanned. And the counterfeiter does not want to spend much money on recreating a hologram for the duplicate product. Moreover the holograms can be easily identified since they are apparently evident. Security stickers act as a visible certification for the products that they are original and do not deceive the consumers with fake branding. They act as a vital part of brand identity. This can work as effective image valuation of the product by the customers, which in turn provides further protection for goods and goodwill.

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With the increasing black marketers, it is the duty of the manufacturer to protect their product from the forged one. And this is possible with the security labels and hologram stickers. From the customer point of view it is very important for them to develop goodwill for the product which they purchase. And with the technical advancement every one can go for their customized label to stay ahead from the counterfeiters. As this security labels operate as authentication certificate, it is very important for the manufacturer to choose the appropriate one for their products. These holograms can also be used for personal use to stand out of the box. One can browse through the online stores and get their tailored label for them.

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