Yueling rubbed Luo Qijun's hand intimately, stretched out her neck and licked Arlo's hand, then turned around and ran towards the tree, and disappeared into the tree in the blink of an eye. Luo Qijun involuntarily reached out and rubbed her eyes, but failed to see the moon spirit again. She looked around carefully again, and finally decided that the moon spirit was really integrated with the big tree, so she turned her face to look at Arlo beside her. Arlo was unhurried at the moment, with his arms around his shoulders, looking intently at the tree. When Luo Qijun saw him like this, he turned his face back and continued to look at the big tree. After a while, the tree suddenly flashed a bright light, first the leaves, then the branches, then the trunk, and soon the whole body lit up, emitting a soft bright light. Luo Qijun looked stunned, the tree shining light, she clearly felt that it should be very dazzling, but her eyes did not have the slightest discomfort. She couldn't help glancing at Arlo, who was standing next to her, and saw that Arlo was still standing as before, staring at the tree. The big tree in the bright light, suddenly jumped up a colorful light curtain, then,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the whole field is decorated with colorful garlands like fireworks, straight flash for more than half an hour, from the field disappeared. At the moment when the light curtain disappeared, Luo Qijun suddenly had a resplendent palace in front of her eyes, shining with dazzling light, but the big tree disappeared from her eyes. At first, the temple was only the size of a palm, and I don't know whether it was because it was far away from them or because it was small. Luo Qijun watched it slowly grow bigger and bigger in front of her eyes. In the end, the temple stopped in the air where the tree disappeared,Marble Projects, and the light on its body slowly disappeared. When the light completely disappeared, two shining elves suddenly appeared in the temple, running happily towards Luo Qijun and Arlo. The temple slowly fell from the sky and landed in the place where the big tree had just disappeared. If you don't look carefully, you can't see it at all. In fact, it didn't touch the ground. It was just sitting on a low trunk. When the two elves scurried in front of them, Luo Qijun carefully identified them, only to find that there was a slight difference in their heads, one elf's hair emitting a fresh fragrance, the other elf's hair was very ordinary. Luo Qijun is waiting to come forward to ask, see that the hair has no taste of the spirit suddenly hit a roll, blink of an eye turned into the appearance of the moon spirit, but more than the moon spirit is more eye-catching, the whole body of white, even from time to time flashing a slight light. Smiling, he rubbed Luo Qijun's hand intimately, and then rubbed Arlo's hand intimately. Then he smiled and said, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,grey marble slab, "Look at me. Am I more beautiful now than before?" When Arlo saw it, he reached out his hand and touched it lovingly. "Linger is really more handsome than before," he praised. The moon spirit was praised and smiled and squinted. It was not until another elf scurried onto its back that it introduced with a busy smile: "We are the elves in the moon. Only those who are predestined can see what we really look like. You are so lucky and we are so happy." As he spoke, he raised his head and intimately turned back to rub against the moon essence sitting gracefully on it. Yuejing looked at Luo Qijun in a gentlemanly way. Then she put her hands behind her back and said with emotion, "Oh, I finally woke up. I'm so tired. I had a long dream. I finally woke up today." Then he turned his face to look at Arlo. Then he turned his face back to look at Luo Qijun. He stretched himself and yawned. Then he said with a smile, "Master, you're tired to death. No, I'm still a little sleepy. I'm going to sleep." With these words, he turned and ran to the temple. When Yuejing's figure disappeared in the temple, Luo Qijun's eyes blinked, and suddenly he saw a dense crown of trees on the temple, colorful, as if wearing a colorful hat. The moon spirit saw, looked at the moon spirit to disappear the back, beeps the mouth to mutter: "Lazy fellow, all day long knows to sleep, sleep, sleep.". "As he spoke, he raised his head and rubbed the hands of Luo Qijun and Arlo respectively. He said with a smile," It's better for me to work hard without complaint. " As he spoke, he lowered his head and said in a voice, "Go up, go up quickly. Isn't there a military situation to report tonight?" When Arlo heard this, he immediately jumped onto Yueling's back and saw Luo Qijun standing there looking at Yueling doubtfully. He stretched out his arms and sat on Yueling's back with Luo Qijun in his arms. He explained in a low voice, "Go to the capital. There is an urgent military situation." As soon as Luo Qijun heard this, the struggling movement quickly stopped, and he hurriedly dodged and took them out of the field. The moon spirit jumped out of the window as it had done several times before, but this time, its body was lighter, and it took them across the walls of the courtyard, and soon it was on a broad road, and then it spread its hooves and ran wildly. Along the way, Arlo pursed his lips tightly and sat upright, fearing that a carelessness would anger Luo Qijun. His eyes doted on Luo Qijun in front of him from time to time, and she had not come in these days since the last time she left the field in anger. Every night, he ran in with hope and returned to the tent full of disappointment, with ups and downs in his heart. While he was angry with himself, he also had a sweet excitement that made him full of emotion. These days, whenever he thinks of Luo Qijun's soft body, an empty corner in his heart seems to be filled with unspeakable satisfaction and gratification. Now that Arlo had finally seen her again, he was afraid that his every move would make her angry again, and that she would leave him in anger. At the moment of seeing her, how much strength he used, it was not easy to stop wanting to rush over, embrace her and make out with her, ah, restraint, must be restrained, after all, the war is not over yet, and don't worry, when the day of triumph,white marble mosaic, the moment of return, he must, must embrace her and *** with her. forustone.com