"Didn't you lend 30 million some time ago? Why did you spend it so quickly?" "Thirty million is not enough," Duan Dafu said with a bitter face. "Mayor Gu, please say hello to President Liu of Jiangcheng Bank again and see if you can approve the last loan." "I'll get in touch with him, but don't get your hopes up." At the thought of Jiangcheng Bank Liu Zhendong's stingy character, Gu Wantong had a headache, "You are an enterprise, you can't always let me help you pull funds, you also think of ways." "Yes, yes." Duan Dafu claimed that he did not think of ways to raise funds, he mortgaged all his own property, OK? Shuangguanqiao's stall is too big, FuHua a eat down is really too hard, what's more, he also paid out more than two hundred million, if Shuangguanqiao development project is also good to say, but the previous Jiangcheng bank gave him a closed door, almost led to his capital chain rupture, very not easy to borrow part of the money in other banks through the relationship,faux grass wall, has not stopped for a few days. The news of the tomb of the King of Wu broke out again. Duan Dafu's heart is now bitter like a cabbage. Two days ago, he just came to a delegation from the port city, intending to inject capital into the project. Before the negotiations were completed, such a thing happened. It seems that he really needs to go to the temple to worship. Duan Dafu was worried, but Gu Changan pounded the table and laughed heartily. Gu Wantong and Duan Dafu also have today, ha ha! The more bitter the enemy was, the sweeter he smiled. After seeing his daughter's helpless eyes,large palm trees for sale, Gu Changan finally restrained some smiles and raised his thumb to his own girl, praising: "It's still our family that cherishes so much. It's like a God." "Dad, how can you praise people so much?" Gu Xi is embarrassed. Just the two of us, and you're afraid of being heard! Gu Changan said with a smile, "My daughter is so excellent. Even if I praise her in front of others, I am full of confidence." "Dad.." Gu Xi stretched out his voice and said coquettishly. All right, all right, my daughter is thin-skinned. I won't say it. Gu Changan quickly surrendered and said, "How is your company in Jiangcheng?" "I was suppressed a few days ago and couldn't do anything. Now that something has happened to Shuangguanqiao, I think it's a good opportunity." Gu Xi analysis: "Fu Jian's father has been pressed by Gu Wantong, the work in the Construction Committee is more and more difficult, I believe that out of this file, artificial banyan trees ,faux ficus tree, Fu Zhixuan will certainly fight back." "Hum, I blame Gu Wantong for doing too much." Gu Changan patted his daughter's hand and exhorted, "You should be careful in Jiangcheng. Even if you don't make money, don't be trapped by others." "I know." Gu Xi said with a smile, "I have nothing to do with my cousin for the time being. Besides, I have hired a bodyguard now. He has a strong sense of responsibility and a good skill." "The one standing outside?" "Yes." Gu Xi didn't want his father to worry about her, so he didn't confess to Gu Changan that Zheng Ke had sent the bodyguard, but only said that he had paid for it. I think you have a good life. You have a bodyguard. Your father and I don't have this treatment. 'What's The matter? Can I introduce one to you? Gu Xi urged the narrow way. Forget it, it's enough to have your brother Liu. "Gu Changan said with a smile," Bodyguards are not expensive. For so many years, your brother Liu treats me as a big brother. This sincerity is better than any professional skills. " Gu Xi nodded and thought of Zhou Tong, who was outside the door. She was quite envious of the relationship between her father and Liu Ge. She could take care of her employer as her own family, which required a long time of running-in and emotional accumulation. At this stage, Zhou Tong could not do this, and Gu Xi did not regard her as one of her own. It was just that she was not salty or light. Maybe after the probation period, she would be transferred back to the capital? After meeting with Gu Changan, Gu Xi returned to Jiangcheng. Zhan Mingyuan had been waiting for her in Sanhe Company for a long time. When he saw the car coming, he came out quickly: "Xixi, are you back?" "What's so urgent?" Gu Xi said strangely. Let's go in and talk. Zhan Mingyuan pushed her shoulder and walked upstairs, saying, "Fu Jian is waiting for you above.". ” "Why is he here?" Shouldn't you help Fu Zhixuan deal with Gu Wantong? Why are you free now? "Gu Xiaoxi, are you back?" As soon as the little fat man saw Gu Xi, he shouted, "What time is it now? Do you still have the leisure to go to Haixin?" "What's wrong with me going to see my father when the lid has just been lifted and it's not time for us to come out?" Gu Xi smiled and said, "It's you. I heard that there was a strong smell of gunpowder at the recent meeting in the city."! How's it going? Can uncle stand it? "This is where to go." Fu Jian sneered and said, "It's just prevarication. It's impossible to expect this matter to bring down Gu Wantong. The final result of the investigation is that seven or eight out of ten are pushed to the omnipotent brothers of migrant workers." "If you can't seize such an opportunity, won't your father have a harder time in the future?" "It's not as serious as you think." Fu Jian shook his finger and said, "As soon as Gu came, he was engaged in construction in a big way. Originally, the cake in Jiangcheng was so big. He gave the biggest and best ones to the companies close to him. There were already opinions below." "So?" "That's why the meeting is so lively these days!" Fu Jian said with a smile, "Whether it's deliberately concealing the tomb or forcing the following banks to lend money to Fuhua, it's enough for him to drink a pot." Fu Zhixuan and others to do, is to strike while the iron is hot, thoroughly stink Gu Wantong's reputation. The old boy almost pushed my father out to take the blame. Fortunately, my father was alert and did not participate in the matter of Shuangguan Bridge from the beginning. He had to worry about the influence if he wanted to buckle the pot of shit, otherwise my father would be played by him this time. When Fu Jian said this, he said helplessly, "a big official will crush people to death. When will my father be promoted to another two levels?" "It's a good wish. I wish you a dream come true soon." Gu Xi said with a smile, "Isn't it nice to be a big-name official?" "Cut, I have nothing in common with a businesswoman like you." The little fat man curled his lips in disgust. All right, let's get down to business. Zhan Mingyuan waited for the two of them to laugh enough before he said aloud,decorative palm trees, "Fu Jian, didn't you bring new news this time?" "You almost forgot the business when you interrupted it." Fu Jian glared at Gu Xi and said with a straight face, "I came here today to tell you a piece of news." 。 hacartificialtree.com