Achieving health and happiness is a journey, not a destination. Excellent health and feeling happy is more than just feeling good. Most of us have found that by losing weight or achieving a fitness milestone we feel good but unless we maintain our weight goal or fitness level that happiness is fleeting and not truly meaningful. Good physical health and happiness are important goals, but you must continually work at it to maintain it. They are not a one-and-done thing. Maintaining robust health and happiness allows us to be active in the world and achieve more than we can when we are tired or sick.


Why Put in the Effort

You may ask yourself, "Why should I be healthy?" “How would my life be different if I became healthy?” Take a moment and imagine what your life would be like if strength, flexibility, endurance and clear thinking were part of your everyday life. What opportunities would it present. The sad truth is most people are missing this level of health in their lives. Statistics show that well over 50% of the adult population are overweight and unfit. Is it not surprising that we see increase incidence of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and suicides at all ages. Are these not good enough reasons to put in the effort?


You are What You Eat and Do

Switching from the typical North American diet of high fat processed foods to natural-foods and a Mediterranean diet as well as living an active lifestyle opens up an entirely new and wonderful world of possibilities. You start to think and feel quite different about yourself and the world around you. As your daily diet changes, and you begin to exercise regularly, your blood quality also changes and you become physically and mentally stronger. Remember this motto: eat junk, feel like junk, no exercise, no energy.


Create Change first in Yourself and then In the World

It is often said that each of us is born into this world with a different purpose and we live our lives trying to fulfill that purpose. From childhood to adolescences to being a young adult to living as an older adult, we continually make choices that make us who we are and keep us on track with our purpose, pour destinies. This path is focused on personal growth and development. Good nutrition and regular exercise enhance our ability to fulfill our purpose. No longer are you focused on your own health concerns but, as a health-conscious person, you have potential and energy to step out and create change in the world. One way of doing this is by being a role model for greater health and happiness for others. If they see it works for you  then they may feel it could work for them as well.


Live in the Present Moment

Live each moment and enjoy the journey. Having authentic self-expression means being the person we truly are at this point. Too often, we see people live a life based on events that happened long ago. Their lives are shaped due to a difficult relationship with a parent or a humiliating situation in school or an unhealthy past relationship. These past lived events are a challenge to overcome but if we are to create a better and happier existence they must be left in the past and not continually recreated. They are in the past so leave them there. The same can be said about worrying about a future situation. Many things can happen before the future becomes the present and by worrying about what is to come, you can become blinded to the beauty of the present moment. The reality is the past is over and the future never arrives. All you truly have is the present. Take this moment as a gift, yours to treasure every moment of every day, in every way. All that has happened in your past is over; it is time to move forward. Let go of the past, forgive it if it needs to be forgiven, forget it if it needs to be forgotten and is not something that is positive and will help you realize your goals and dreams. Embrace that whatever happened in the past was meant to happen and it is exactly those events that have made you who you are today. Let go of the negative, hold onto the positive and you will be a stronger more productive person today!


Set Goals and Realize Your Dreams

Set nutritional and exercise goals and realize your dreams. You will find you have more energy, less vulnerable to chronic health conditions and mentally be the best version of your true self each day. Being healthy is about moving beyond self-imposed limitations and creating a larger vision for your health and happiness. If you adopt a well-balanced diet, avoid junk foods, and live an active lifestyle you will develop more creativity, flexibility and happiness!