Air Canada has gained popularity due to the quality service they provide the customers. Either it is the senior citizen discount or the armed forces discount. In every way, they are going to provide help to you without any delay. You can arrange the callback through the email option, the live chat, or even with the help of calling. Usually, calling is used as the primary medium to arrange the callback.

Procedure to arrange the callback

To arrange the callback, you have to stick to the steps below. These steps are going to connect your call right to the representative from the customer service team.

Via call

You can use any of the ways below to connect with Air Canada. Then getting the resolution is going to be very easy. But you need to ensure that you use the Air Canada contact number UK. Only then is the solution going to be available for you.

  • Phone up on Air Canada’s number. That is 00 800 669 92222.
  • Make the selection of the appropriate options.
  • While you're on hold, you’ll listen to the choice regarding the callback.
  • Use the callback option.
  • Now you’ll get a callback from the customer service team in a short time.

Via live chat

The live chat option is there to help you when you want to avoid calling and use an alternate method to arrange the callback. For that, you can connect through the help of the steps which are provided below.

  • Get on Air Canada’s website.
  • On the website, click the contact button.
  • On the next page, choose the chat icon.
  • A chatbox is going to appear.
  • From the box, you have to select the appropriate options.
  • Your chat is going to be connected to a live agent.
  • Now you only need to share the date and time with the executive on which you want them to communicate with you.
  • The executive will call you precisely at the time you have mentioned.

That is it. You have successfully arranged the callback with Air Canada. The representatives are very professional. They are going to call you back with a solution.


  • Open your email address.
  • Write a complete description of the issue.
  • Once you have written the report, you must mention your contact details.
  • Write the date and time you want to receive the callback from the customer service team.

Now send the email to the customer service team. Ensure that you have sent it to the official email address.

Benefits of the live chat option

There are many benefits you’re going to get by using the live chat option. You read some of them ahead.

  • You’ll be able to avoid the hold time, which will ultimately help you get a quick response.
  • The representative is already prepared with the resolution when you arrange a callback through email or live chat. That means you’ll get the solution right at the beginning of the call.
  • You’re going to receive a callback at the beginning of the conversation.

It is this easy to arrange a callback from Air Canada customer service. So, you must ensure that you stick to the path given above.