"All he does NBA 2K MT is sit corner, he's trash. Envision not taking a shot game, what a bum." This mindset is so frequent on this subreddit and it honestly might be the worst thing about the 2K community on reddit. Allow me to explain you something that you may not wish to hear: a few guys want to win and don't care about stats. This corner participant is playing it to perfection and understands his role. He does not care when he takes 10 shots or 0 shots, so he's here to win matches, an attitude I desired more gamers needed. A good deal of these players come from mycareer in which they shoot 45 shots in a game and win the finals and think that they are gods gift to humankind.

They come to the park and rec carrying that mindset and can't fathom not taking every shot. 2K is point shield so know you are role if you're an off ball player. I'm not here to demean job players, quite the contrary. You are the backbone of every group. Everyone can find a guard to have a bunch of shots, it is far more difficult to find men willing be contributors and to do the dirty work when called upon. Be humble and be the ideal teammate and I promise you'll have of your teammates including you and attempting to run.

Possessing a link and make sure your television is about the gaming mode. This creates a massive difference, as it restricts the quantity of lag and latency spikes when playing online. Make sure to be downloading or updating any games while you play 2K online, if you have to play on wifi. As for your television, most modern tvs is able for Buy NBA 2K MT you to change your picture mode, for things such as gaming, live sports or movies. Switching to the gaming mode will decrease input lag and make your jump shot and only NBA 2K23 in general.