Now you 2k23 mt can always shots with your jump shot, so now it's time to disrupt your whole routine. You have attached to the pub did not you? You will notice competitive players rarely use a pub, but why? It wouldn't turn off, if you fight with shot time. But if you understand your time well you will see higher."

It penalizes and makes it a lot easier to green shots to translate for those who don't talk 2K. In my opinion it's really simpler to shoot with no bar since I snapped the cartoon of my player/muscle memory of my shooter, rather than trying to time a bar. No pub shooting will seem tough at first once you start to green that's not any going back to the pub, but I guarantee you. This might not be the case for 2K23 but I hope that they do because it is among the very few skill gaps in NBA 2K23 in my view.

When playing randoms, I can often tell they are holding their X or square button. That really is a big no no. For pressing the shoot button until the ball touches your 16, you will be penalized. Wait until the ball touches your palms take your shot. Number 4 goes hand in hand. Shot IQ is one of the largest gaps within the 2K participant base. A vast majority of players don't know when they are open, and don't know when they are guarded. This could be a whole post on its own but I'll try to break it down for you. I'm making this article more for away ball players, instead of pgs. First know your matchup. If it is a lock, then you've got to be a tiny bit more cautious Buy 2k23 mt on what shots you require. If it's not, then you've got on taking shots much more leeway.