What you most likely didn't learn about  Chiropractic in Orlando marketing in chiropractic school: No matter the location or size of your clinic, or the relative success you've experienced to this point in your career, I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that you probably have at least some attention on the number of new patients in your practice. In my years of putting 100% of my attention into the area of Chiropractic in Orlando marketing and new patient acquisition, I have some gems to help you fast forward to a new level of patients that you serve in your practice.



Before I go too deep into the technology of Chiropractic in Orlando marketing, I want to first let you know why I have a fascination with chiropractic new patients procedures. In my practice, I have spent the last 6-7 years solely working 'on' my practice, rather than 'in' my practice. What I mean by that is that I have put in place specific executive tools that have enabled me to be anywhere I want, whether it be at home, on a vacation or in a coffee shop masterminding, and my practice will actually grow in my absence (currently statistics: averages 22 new patients per week and serves over 500 patients per week). This is certainly not to boast, but simply to show you what is possible in the owning and operating a chiropractic 'business' rather than just a 'clinic'. It is not magic, just simply application of some solid, proven business systems.Chiropractors in Orlando


Anyway, my point being, I have had endless amount of time over the past 7 years fully committed to piloting and testing new chiropractic marketing methods, techniques and programs. In my journey and experimentation I came across some very specific points that I feel are extremely important and must be understood for a chiropractic marketing program to succeed for long-term growth of the office.


Some doctors are surprised to learn that there are exact formulas and strategies that will literally guarantee you see more new patients. I teach these exact chiropractic marketing strategies to my clients through the Chiropractic Business Academy Marketing Courses, through the Academy Workshops and One on One Consulting. Although the exact marketing strategies are reserved for our clients, I can share with you some basics.


Your marketing success starts with your viewpoint on chiropractic marketing. To find out what your current viewpoint on Chiropractic in Orlando marketing is at this moment, try this simple exercise:


Write down in single words or short phrases how you feel about 'marketing' your practice. Successful chiropractic marketing is going to require application. So, you can start now by doing this exercise. Please take a minute and write down your feelings about marketing, before reading on.


Take a look at what you wrote. Do your responses indicate that you are excited about introducing chiropractic to new people? Can you see evidence in your responses of back-off to creating a strong marketing effort? If so, you'd really benefit from handling those points.


One of the most effective ways to change your viewpoint is to acquire correct data in that area. The more you know about Chiropractic in Orlando marketing for instance, the more logical your conclusions will be when making marketing decisions. And let's face it, if you know how to be successful at something, don't you feel better about it?


A rock-solid chiropractic marketing program has multiple sources, or we refer to them as Legos, of new patients coming into your office. For example, our Signature marketing courses and webinars cover over 40 ways to market a practice. Knowing and understanding multiple techniques makes it easy to attract 60, 80 or 100 new patients per month, or more.