Vaginal Speculums are smooth plastic, silicone or rubber cylinders, shaped like ampoules. The dilator works by stretching vaginal tissue, which helps make intercourse more comfortable and improves the convenience of doctors for pelvic examination after cancer treatment. The dilator can be purchased separately or in combination.


Some women use vibrators, dildos or fingers instead of Vaginal Speculums. Therefore, finger alone may not be enough. Once radiation therapy ends and vaginal secretions decrease (usually 2-4 weeks after the last radiation therapy), a Vaginal Speculum should be used.


Women with vaginal cramps can also benefit from using a Vaginal Speculum. Vaginal spasm is the involuntary contraction of pelvic floor muscles or reflex muscle contraction that usually occurs after trying to insert an object (tampon, penis, and peeping through a Pap smear). Vaginal Speculums can be very effective tools to help stop these contractions and make intercourse or pelvis more comfortable.


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