Now 2k20 is alright, personally I preferred 2k18 (the bigs were OP no matter who they was, Dirk could catch 16 boards, obstruct 5-6 dudes any night and shoot off the net ) offline and I never grabbed 19. But in this, bigs kinda suck this season, you place a 6'7 SF in front of em and Mut 20 coins for sale that dude will stuff their shit, you shoot at a shot with KAT or even Zion and a 5'11 guy will make em miss each time. And they be coming out with these 30 GB updates that if your internet sucks you're fucked.

You can not cheese in 2k like you can in madden. Anyone that has played both madden 20 and 2k20 will understand exactly what I mean with this. The same 3 plays offense and defense in madden can get up you to 50+ pt blow out or a 3 pt loss depending on who you play. In 2k the cheese comes out of a giannis also it's stoppable with all the ideal defensive settings. Thank god for scott OG and his team, that man has saved the entire 2k franchise from a full out participant base riot.

I'm going to disagree. Total Madden is not riddled with micro trades, is not as heavy handed with ads, you can fall into a fast game online without needing to experience a terrible park system were you have to wait forever to get into a game. Online the community is not filled with people who only spam one set of activities to attempt to trigger an advantageous animation, equip certain animations to get an advantage(to the point at which the community clamored to get it removed from the game), or a specific team comp that is winning over 50 percent of its matches. Folks here are whining about how madden uses exactly the very same animations for years now, yet 2k has ripped the entire neighborhood out from the last couple years and pasted it into each successive game.

In the Play Now. Madden( I have not played the current year) There is not a minute of unskippable ads before I could sit down and play a game against my friend in my sofa. There is not minutes of unskippable BS before an online game. Yet the community will shield Ads in a game they paid minutes of BS and $60 for prior to cheap Madden 20 coins every match for what? You can't even turn away 2ktv. Why? That means you can watch the advertisement while Madden loads. It is just a basketball simulator. (NBA is a dreadful basketball simulation ). 2k20 in death kinda like basketball, and appears feels like it plays basketball should be played.