IAS is the short form of the Indian Administrative Services. It is amongst the most sought-after careers amongst the Indian Youth. In 2020, more than a million students had applied for the civil service exams, and only 450,000 students were eligible to appear for the examination, of which the vacancies were only 800. Out of the 800, only 180 became the IAS officer, and others were related to the other services like IFS and IPS. This examination is considered to be the toughest examination in the world. You should opt for the interview guidance program as it can give you a better chance of securing the interview.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming An IAS Officer


● Job Security

It is the primary and number one benefit of becoming an IAS officer in India. First, becoming an officer and going through the IAS Mock Interview is very tough. After becoming an IAS officer, it is also difficult to suspend him. However, if the government wants to suspend one, the government will review the case in detail.

The president only takes the decision to suspend an officer as they consider the dignity and contributions that an officer has made, and the central government and president can only remove or suspend the job of an officer.

It is why there is rare news of the IAS officer getting suspended as it is a rare case that any officer would get suspended, which makes becoming an officer a secure and high-profile job, especially for the youth who do not want risks in their careers.

● Perks

Because becoming an IAS officer is a tough task, you will have to pass the civil service examination, which is the second toughest exam in the world. If you ace an exam, the perks you will get will make it worth it for you.

Below are some of the primary perks of becoming an IAS officer with the help of the Interview Guidance Program:

● You will get the residence facility from the government
● Aspirants will also get free water, gas, electricity, and telephone bills from the law.
● You will get a car as a transport facility from the law.
● Security guards that will protect you from threats and attacks.
● People who pass the exam will also get servants and cooks in their houses who will serve you in your comfort
● When you vacation, you can stay at bungalows and government offices.

You will get higher and better perks which depend on your experience and promotions. Your job opportunity and experience can appoint you to various positions in the government. The highest position is the cabinet secretary. You can also become the leader of any state government department.

● Respect

You will get immense experience after clearing the IAS interview. You can increase the chances of becoming an IAS officer with the help of the IAS Mock Interview. IAS officers get immense respect from society as it is considered a respected position.

● Retirement Benefits

Amazing benefits are waiting for you when you retire as an IAS officer. The pension is 50% of the last withdrawn value with a 10% of hike in the pension each year. You can also get Dearness Allowance twice a year, and the actual pension value may differ. Besides the government’s lifetime pension, you will be eligible for a high profile in the private industry with more salary and higher benefits than what you would get from being an IAS.

● Power

When you become an IAS officer, you will get the power to control the administration of a district. Your actions and decisions will affect people’s lives, and they can also bring a positive change in society that will add immense value and satisfy your life. As mentioned earlier, your contribution and experience can make you appointed to become the chief of any state department that can give you more power.

Since you will be in charge of a district’s administration, you will also have immense power in applying the laws and government policies.


● Transfers

It is among the biggest disadvantages of becoming an IAS officer. Even though the transfer of an IAS officer lies with the central government, there can still be significant transfers in your career.

● Political Interferences

It is a hard truth for an IAS officer. Due to having the perks of controlling an entire district, there will be a constant intervention with any politician, and they can also threaten you. You must balance how you handle the job and your responsibility as an IAS officer.


You will have to deal with these benefits and drawbacks after becoming an IAS officer. Make sure to opt for the Interview Guidance Program to get experience on how you can become an IAS officer.

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