With the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more advanced medical equipment, which plays a huge role in ensuring the safety of human life.

The role of finger pulse oximeter

Finger pulse oximeter generally has the function of effectively monitoring blood oxygen in the body. The detection of blood oxygen by an oximeter is a non-invasive operation, which plays a key role in predicting the change of the condition. It mainly uses the finger pulse oxygen as the monitoring index. If the patient has atherosclerosis or vascular blockage, lipid deposition in the vascular lumen, and poor peripheral blood circulation, etc., it is easy to cause hypoxia. The blood oxygen content can be obtained by using an oximeter, which reflects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Arteriography and cerebral angiography can develop a reasonable treatment plan to prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Finger Pulse Oximeter With No Bluetooth BM1000F

Principle of finger pulse oximeter

Finger pulse oximeter uses infrared light technology to detect human blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the brightness of finger skin and musculoskeletal tissue. The precision and accuracy meet the EU CE standards. Blood oxygen is considered the 5th most critical health indicator after heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature. 

Finger Pulse Oximeter With Bluetooth BM1000


Using the finger pulse oximeter does not require going to the hospital to collect blood, does not have to bear the pain of flesh and blood, and there is no possibility of cross infection at all, eliminating the tediousness of going to the hospital to wait in line for examination! By adding bluetooth technology, it can be better integrated into people's daily life. At present, the application of bluetooth finger pulse oximeter is more and more widely, which promotes the development of medical monitoring field.

Finger Pulse Oximeter With Bluetooth BM1000C

Finger pulse oximeter is suitable for people who work more than 12 hours a day. The oxygen consumption of the brain increases, and the oxygen supply cannot meet the consumption. The oxygen consumption of the brain accounts for 20% of the oxygen consumption of the whole body. In the transition of mental work, the oxygen consumption of the brain is inevitable. rise. The human body can take in a limited amount of oxygen, so it consumes more and consumes less. In addition to causing dizziness, fatigue, poor memory, and slow response, it will also cause serious damage to the brain and myocardium. Even death from overwork.


For people who study or work 12 hours a day, use a pulse oximeter to detect blood oxygen content every day, and monitor the health of blood oxygen from time to time to ensure the health of the heart and brain.


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