Shaded Pole Motors are mainly composed of rotor components, stator components, wire package components, bracket components and connecting fasteners. The rotor assembly is mainly composed of a cast aluminum rotor, a shaft, a thrust washer to prevent the rotor from moving back and forth, and a gasket to adjust the amount of movement; the stator assembly is mainly composed of a short-circuit ring and the main stator core; the wire package assembly is mainly composed of a coil, a skeleton, and a lead It is composed of wiring or thermal protector and related insulating wrapping materials; the bracket assembly is divided into front bracket assembly and rear bracket assembly according to the different installation positions of the shaft extension end and the non-shaft extension end.

  1. Salient pole shaded pole

The shape of the stator core of the salient-pole shaded pole motor is a square, rectangular or circular magnetic field frame, with protruding magnetic poles, and each magnetic pole has one or more auxiliary short-circuit copper rings, that is, shaded pole windings. The concentrated winding on the salient poles serves as the main winding.

  1. Hidden pole shaded pole

The stator core of the hidden pole shaded pole motor is the same as that of the ordinary single-phase motor. Its stator winding adopts distributed winding, and the main winding is distributed on the stator.

In the slot, the shaded pole winding does not need to short-circuit the copper ring, but uses thicker enameled wire to form a distributed winding (short-circuit after series connection), and it is embedded in the stator slot (about 1/3 of the total number of slots). effect. The main winding and the shaded pole winding are spaced at a certain angle.

When the main winding of the shaded pole motor is energized, the shaded pole winding will also generate an induced current, which causes the magnetic flux of the part of the stator pole covered by the shaded pole winding and the uncovered part to rotate in the direction of the covered part.

The advantage of shaded-pole motors is that they are simple in structure and do not require additional windings and capacitors. The disadvantages are low efficiency and large slip.

The drain pump used in the air conditioner embedded machine is a typical shaded pole motor with a low defect rate. The general fault is that the motor is dirty.

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