ARLINGTON, Texas Michael Beasley Jersey It only took eight games in the history of Globe Life Field to produce a highlight that will be played for years to come.In the fifth inning of Sunday afternoon's game win over the Angels, Texas outfielder Nick Solak drove a Mike Mayers pitch deep to right field. Highly-touted Angels prospect Jo Adell located the ball, but had to make a late adjustment. Adell reached out, but the ball kicked off his glove and went over the fence for what was originally scored a home run.After official scorer Larry Bump consulted with the Elias Sports Bureau, the play was ruled a four-base error on Adell. The reasoning is the ball would have initially landed in play, making Vin Baker Jersey it an error. Because the ball deflected over the fence, Solak was awarded with four bases.Most baseball fans recall Jose Canseco's all-time highlight where a Carlos Martinez fly ball bounced off the top of the head, going over the fence for a home run. Canseco's play was not ruled an error.Let the controversy begin.Major League Baseball could still review the play within the next 24 hours and decide to award Solak with a home run. Rule 5.05, section A, paragraph nine reads:Scroll to ContinueIn regards to the rule, Elias Sports Bureau, an official statistician for MLB, provided the following explanation:Larry Bump ultimately made the call to score the play a four-base error. There is no word yet on whether they Greg Monroe Jersey will or not, but the Rangers have the option to appeal the ruling to MLB."I think I deserve a home run for sure," Solak laughed after the game. "If I were a scorer, Id always err on the side of giving guys more hits, but thats me personally.On the brighter side, the Rangers finally have a blooper that doesn't come at their expense after 27 years of Canseco replays.One topic of discu sion heading Matthew Dellavedova Jersey into the new season at Globe Life Field was how the roof would affect the outfielder Chris Copeland Jersey 's ability to read the ball off the bat. To this point, there hasn't been much talk of the ball being too difficult to read. The majority of criticism has been how deep the ballpark is playing.Jo Adell helped it play a little shorter on Sunday.UPDATE: The Rangers appealed the ruling of a four-base error. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball upheld the ruling. The play will remain a four-base error.