Do you want to add some definition to your biceps? If so, you'll want to check out these best calisthenics exercises for the biceps. These exercises will help to build muscle and strength in your bicep exercise, making them look thicker and more muscular. Plus, they're easy to do at home, so you can keep up the routine even when you have limited time. Ready to start working your biceps? Let's get started!



Calisthenics Exercises for Biceps


  • Curls: Curls are a great way to target your biceps muscles and build strength. To do a curl, start by lying down on your back on the floor with your palms flat on the ground above your head. Then lift your legs up so that they’re resting against your chest and shoulders while keeping your arms straight. From here, slowly lower them back down toward the ground until you complete one full curl. You can also perform curls using weights or resistance bands for added intensity and muscle growth!


  • Dumbbell Extensions: If you're looking for an exercise that will target your biceps specifically, then you should try the dumbbell extension. To do this exercise, start by lying down on the ground with your palms flat on the ground above your head. Then lift one weight off of a bench and hold it at shoulder height, extending your arm fully until you feel resistance against the back of your hand. Next, slowly lower the weight toward the ground until it’s fully extended again. 


To maximize your results from a calisthenics workout planner, it is important to follow a push-pull split. This type of split allows you to work on each muscle group with equal weight and intensity in each session. For the push exercises, use 75% of your max heart rate while performing them slowly and smoothly. For the pull exercises, use 25% of your max heart rate while doing them quickly and powerfully.


By following this simple routine, you will be able to target every muscle group correctly and maximize your fitness gains!





With the right exercise routine, it is possible to see a big difference in your biceps' appearance in just a few weeks. And if you are looking for an advanced level of exercise that will beyond compare the changes made to your body, then you must visit us at Laurel and get an appointment with our certified fitness experts. Our state–of–the–art gym has everything that you need in one place—from cardio machines to weights and more. So what are you waiting for? Get started now!