Adopted FSCUT5000 control system, and the special function module for laser cutting control is integrated, which is powerful and easy to operate.

The three chuck structure and double cutting stations of the three chuck optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine realize the "zero" tailing fiber laser pipe cutting process.

Laser pipe cutting machine is a professional CNC pipe cutting machine launched for the profile and pipe market. The equipment can meet the cutting of conventional pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes and elliptical pipes. It is also a kind of pipe cutting machine equipment used in many factories or various industries.

Types of Qiaolian & Cylion laser tube cutting machines




Advantages of CNC fiber laser pipe cutting machine

1. The laser pipe cutting machine can cut out high-precision products, and the general positioning accuracy can reach 0.03mm, which is very high-precision compared to the traditional pipe cutting machine.

2. The laser tube cutting machine can also cut products with relatively narrow slits, and can focus a small light spot to achieve a certain power density, and the material is also quickly heated to a certain extent. The incision width is also relatively small.

3. The surface that can be cut by the laser pipe cutting machine is relatively smooth, without burrs, and the roughness can generally be controlled at about 6.5.

4. The speed of the laser pipe cutting machine is relatively fast. All such equipment has low cost and high efficiency, so many industries will now use the laser pipe cutting machine.

5. It can realize the function of zero tail material cutting, which can increase the length of the pipe.

6. The high-strength steel plate is welded and formed, and then tempered and aged to eliminate stress. Before installation, the level and right angle are pre-adjusted and fine-adjusted to ensure the accuracy and life of the equipment.

7. Good flexibility, using professional CNC system and kit programming software, products can be changed or replaced at any time.

The cutting principle of the laser pipe cutting machine is not much different from that of the plane laser cutting machine. As a special laser cutting machine, the laser pipe cutting machine is mainly aimed at standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel) , angle steel, etc.) and some special-shaped pipes for laser cutting, compared with the traditional processing technology.

CNC Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Supplier - Qiaolian & Cylion

The tube sheet laser cutting machine produced by Qiaolian & Cylion is a full range of professional products to achieve modular design and free combination; precision CNC automatic laser tube cutting, high precision, high efficiency, stability and reliability; intelligent management system, powerful process database, to achieve high High quality processing; strong ductility, flexible processing of various pipes, profiles and special-shaped pipes.