Organizations find the employee management process tiresome and exhausting. On the other hand, the employees find the onboarding process complicated and confusing. Therefore, they rely on Squadsy for new employee management needs such as the onboarding tools for new employees.

Simplifies onboarding process

The onboarding journey can be complex and tiresome. Imagine the manual work filling many spreadsheets for onboarding a couple of employees. Moreover, the work becomes overwhelming when the scale of operation grows increases. Squadsy can simplify the onboarding and the preboarding journeys of the employees. Furthermore, it can become seamless and easy for remote employees as well.

Restructure the communications & notifications process

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is a crucial element of onboarding. HR teams must send many notifications to the employees, clients, upper management, and more. Therefore, they need to personalize and send specific notifications. It becomes a huge time challenge when organizations use manual methods for personalizing notifications. Squadsy helps solving this problem by helping companies personalize at scale.

Increase the task visibility

Tasks are another important aspect of a team in an organization. Timely completion and organization of the tasks help in increasing efficiency. The tasks can be easily assigned and monitored with the help of Squadsy. Now the organization can get a bird’s eye view of all onboarding tasks and operations. Moreover, it can also help in getting the employee’s feedback easily.

Get Powerful insights about employee engagement

Employees are the assets of any organization. Therefore, organizations need to get insights into employee engagement. Squadsy helps companies get insights on employee experience via dashboards for a quick review of the onboarding activities such as employee engagement insights, measuring readership etc.

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