You are probably familiar with the disadvantages of the poor onboarding process. The biggest disadvantage is that it can ruin your relationship with the employee from the start and cost you money. A better way to avoid this situation is by using automated onboarding software that cuts costs, improves the relationship, and speeds up the process by eliminating errors. The automated employee onboarding mentorship platform streamlines hiring without the hassle and brings with it all the benefits that can help your business grow. Here are some applications of automated onboarding that you didn’t know before:

The software can automatically generate new hire forms

Excessive paperwork with contractual forms and other document management is a huge headache for the HR team. Using automated onboarding software, HR doesn’t need to generate all the new hire forms manually. They can form customizable templates that are specific to every need. This reduces the need for manpower and saves a significant factor of effort.

Automate data collection

Data collection and segregation is another problem of human resources that is automatically solved by employee onboarding software. Manually filling data for every employee in your work group is a tiring process. Worst yet, many employees admit that they are totally confused about the documentation part.

Automate documentation route

Oftentimes, the HR and the payroll team get confused in documentation routing. As a result, an important document often ends up in the wrong inbox. What’s more, new hire onboarding may need you to process important equipment, enrollment forms, benefit forms, and more that may get processed incorrectly.

Automate hiring approvals and buddy workflow

A lot of documents or processes may require approval from different organizations. This can be done through the automated onboarding process. Employee onboarding journey can also support employees and the management in connecting with each other. Workflow conducted through games and tasks can be an engaging workflow system.

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