When the temperature turns cold, leather products such as leather clothing have become the first choice for people to keep warm and cold. Many people like to wear PU leather jackets, but they don't know how to maintain them. In fact, the maintenance and storage of PU leather jackets require some skills to introduce to you below.

pu leather jacket

1. The PU leather jacket should pay attention to moisture-proof, otherwise once it gets damp and moldy, it will lose its luster and affect its fastness. If it gets wet with rain, immediately use a towel or clean cloth to absorb the water, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Do not expose to the sun or bake it, otherwise, it will harden or shrink.

2. How to deal with damp and moldy PU leather jackets: Use a brush and a clean cloth to wipe the moldy parts clean, and then wipe them evenly with a little oil (skin is uncomfortable). Before wiping, try wiping on the less obvious parts of the leather jacket. , If oil penetration or discoloration occurs, stop using it immediately when the original color cannot be restored. After wiping, hang it on a hanger in a cool and ventilated place for about 24 hours, and then cover the surface of the leather with a clean cloth. Wipe off the remaining skin oil.

3. When wearing a PU leather jacket, care should be taken to protect the leather surface to prevent the leather surface from being scratched by hard objects or sharp objects, and to prevent oil stains. The dust and oil on the smooth skin can be treated with a dry rag or brush in time.

4. The PU leather jacket should be wrinkle-proof and crack-proof. Folding and heavy pressure should be avoided as much as possible when storing. When wrinkles appear, you can use a non-steam iron (steam iron is not allowed), put a silk or cotton lining cloth on the leather garment, gently iron the wrinkles back and forth at medium and low temperatures, and prohibit the iron from directly touching the leather surface.

5. Due to the different classifications of leather, special attention should be paid to the use and maintenance of leather clothing. The polished leather and the dyed smooth leather should not be oiled or painted, and all leather clothing should not be wiped with shoe polish.

The above has introduced the maintenance skills of PU leather jackets, I hope to help you. Yanxu, as a clothing company, sells a variety of fashionable clothing at affordable prices. If you are interested in clothing, welcome to pay attention to our website.