If you want your cabinets to look more like furniture, you can opt for decorative toes or decorative plastic adjustable legs. Floating cabinets are another option. Similar to standard baseboards, these options will leave open space beneath your cabinets, allowing your feet to rest comfortably while working in the kitchen or bathroom.

Most clients who decide not to use traditional kick toes opt for decorative toes; which is a decorative trim that attaches to the base cabinet. It still leaves open space for your feet and creates a "furniture feel" to your cabinets. If you don't want to leave room for the toes, you can choose to add a skirt shape. This decorative strip wraps around your base cabinets. While its finished look is nice, it may not be ergonomic. Standing for a while in the kitchen while prepping and cooking can put a strain on your back. This may be because you need to lean forward, and if you have room, you can move closer to the work surface.

If you're looking for a furniture feel in your kitchen cabinets, this is another great option. While this option isn't very common for an entire kitchen, some people choose this style of baseboards for their island, sink base cabinets, or cooktop base cabinets. These feet keep the space under the cabinet open.

For custom cabinets, it is common to add a backing plate about 6 inches from the cabinet feet so that dust does not collect under the cabinets.

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