The problem with going to your local comic shop is simply this: if you do sell them, you have definitely left money on the table. "So what?" you say Daddy Warbucks. I know, for older sonichu tvtropes comics worth selling, the cover price is under $1.00; so anything you get above that is fine right? But, if you bought a muscle car back in the '60's and still had it today, would you sell it for 50% of what the current list price is? Hopefully not. Honestly, when I have a comic I want to sell and I know it's worth a little bit, I put it on eBay. Wait, wait - eBay is not as tough to use as everybody thinks. The setup is easy and they walk you through setting up an account step-by-step. If you can email or check the weather on the internet, you have enough gray-matter use eBay. The next things you have to do it determine what condition your comics are in. CGC is a service that will charge you $10.00 to mail your comic to them (please make sure that you use something to keep it from getting bent in the mail...). Once they have it, their team of professional grader will judge you book on a number of criteria, place it in a plastic casing and the place a grading label on the case. $10 bucks may seem like a lot to pay for a comic that you only may have paid 45 for, but CGC grading will actually increase your comic's value to upwards of 100%. Even in a lesser condition. That said - if you want to try to grade them yourself