It seems like everyone owned some comics of one kind or another over the years and there's nothing like having a relative clean out some boxes and find your old treasure trove. But what do you do with them? Keep them or sell them? A lot of movies have been made from tv tropes sonichu comics over the years and there are many more to come. Now you have to answer the big questions: How and where do I sell these things? Are they even worth the trouble? How do I know what condition they are in? You could go your local comic book shop, but most shops will only give you 50% of guide price - if they are even buying. And yes, there is a guide - a few in fact. The Overstreet Price Guide comes out once a year and is the benchmark for most comic shops covering every comic release from the 1930's to today. Overstreet will also show you how to grade your comics, but we'll get to that later. There is also Wizard Magazine and Comic Book Buyers Guide which come out monthly and tend to showcase the "hot" comics people are buying.