All Indian cuisines share a common feature: the aroma of spices. Indian cuisine isn’t Indian if it doesn’t contain Indian spices. They enhance the flavor of the food and protect our health by acting as preventive medicine.

Monsoon season means spices are particularly important. Monsoon season brings rain and happiness but it also poses many health problems. In this season slow digestion & low immunity and is common. This can increase the risk of getting sick, diarrhea, or flu.

These spices and herbs are antiviral and antibiotic-fungal. They boost immunity and protect against infection by creating armor around us. Here are some tips by Luna Jaiswal, best Dietitian in Lucknow.


  • Hinge:

You can add Hing to your monsoon meals. Hing’s antibacterial, antioxidant and immune-boosting properties can improve digestion and boost immunity.

Tip from Addlife: Add hing or kadhi to your dal. After heating the ghee, add a pinch of hing to aid digestion. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Ajwain to the ghee after heating it. Then, heat it again and eat the ghee lukewarm. It will instantly relieve your stomach.

  • Ginger:

Monsoon season can bring about sore throats, colds, and even a cough. These ailments can be treated with ginger. Ginger is an immune booster and can be used to treat flu symptoms as well as nausea.
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