The lives of children affected by the pandemic are more chaotic than ever. Children feel exhausted after taking back-to-back online classes, and not engaging in outdoor activities. Although online classes have allowed children to return to school, virtual classrooms have had far more detrimental effects on their lives.

What does screen time have to do with your children’s eyesight? Today’s children are more susceptible to eye problems and have less vision. This has caused them to have poor posture. No outdoor activities have contributed to their weakening bones and muscles. This is the time of development and growth for both bone and muscle. How can we solve these problems?

Nutrition is the knight in shining armor in these times. Especially in these years, nutrition is very important, we can combat the harmful effects of our children’s lifestyles and improve their nutritional intake by providing proper nutrition. Now we can help our children grow. But the question is, with these lifestyle choices, how can we make healthy food for our kids to eat?

Healthy Snacks Options For Our Little Superheroes

Here are some healthy snacks tips by Luna Jaiswal, the best Dietician in Lucknow for little superheroes.

  • Milk and milk-derived products are known to be the key to strong bones. They are rich sources of calcium, which is essential for the development of bones and muscles. There are many nutritious foods that children can eat, including ragi and makhana, chickpeas, chickpeas, and chickpeas. To make your child stronger, include these foods in your diet. These are the top snacks for kids.
  • Cheena is a delicious milk-derived product you can add to your children’s diet. It is bioavailable for vegetarians and can be made into delicious snacks. The residual Whey Water can be used. It is high in protein and minerals. It can be used to make chapatis by kneading the dough.
  • Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for children, but calcium is also important for adults. Sunlight is the best way to absorb Vitamin D so, make sure that your children spend an hour in sunlight at most.

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