If the head starts to harden, run hot water over the head once again until it is malleable. Continue running hot water over the head between pulling, shaping and cutting until the homelandee head is properly prepared for your customizations.

If there is excess paint to remove, you might try rubbing it off with a cloth saturated with nail polish remover. Be careful to not remove the paint for the eyes as the eyes are the most difficult facial features to paint with precision.

Now, you are ready for your customizations. A product like Apoxie®Sculpt is key in making the customizations to your action figure. Apoxie®Sculpt comes in two parts that are kneaded together to form a compound that hardens and cures in about 24 hours. It is non-shrinking and non-toxic, but while it is uncured, it can dissolve easily in water. The Apoxie®Sculpt instructions claim that it can be worked on for up to three hours, but it is recommended that you work with it only up to two hours for best results. Other products like Green Stuff Epoxy, Magic Sculpt Epoxy Clay, or Fixit Epoxy Clay may also be used. In any case, be sure to use a two-part compound that air-dries and self-hardens, not a compound that needs to be baked in an oven because baking will deform your action figure.