Draw and design your action figure character, or model your action figure after a character or person that closely resembles your action figure concept. Finalize the concept of your home lander action figure, and create illustrations of it from several different angles and perspectives. If you have your concept firmly captured, you will be less likely to stray and suffer rework because of changes in design on the fly.

The method for creating action figures that is described here assumes that the base body upon which you will build your creation is readily available and, also, that you will need to make only a few modifications to the base body. Use an action figure base body that is close in shape, design and color to your desired creation, but you can make it easy on yourself if you craft your design around the types of action figures that are readily available. There are many soldiers, superheroes, knights, and other generic action figure toys that would serve as suitable base bodies. You may wish to stay away from base bodies that have many attached pieces and accessories that will need to be removed, requiring a lot of time and effort to pry off or sand down.