When shipping cargo internationally, dealing with freight forwarders is not only a limited-time transaction but has now become a business. As a shipper, choosing the right freight forwarder for you is necessary as it bridges the gap between you and the customer.

A freight forwarder is an agent responsible for the movement of goods from one destination to another on behalf of the owner. With a freight forwarder, you can focus more on business and have fewer delivery complications for a quicker return on investment.

SLR is one of the most reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding companies in Russia that can fulfill all your needs for your super-safe shipping journey. You can rely upon all your shipping needs as it is one of Russia's multi-modal logistics transportation service providers.

But, in a market full of competition with freight forwarding agencies, how do you identify the best freight forwarding company in Russia?

Need of a freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is required to make your import and export process seamless. Shippers mostly prefer freight forwarding companies in Russia with a worldwide network to make the process easier.

Experience counts

There are multiple freight forwarders in the market, but we want an experienced forwarder to avoid problems like port shutdowns, cargo reroutes, customs and warehousing issues, etc.

A global network is a must

A good freight forwarder must have a global network to ensure the uninterrupted and secure delivery of cargo to the destination point from the source point.

 Look for a range of services

Choose a freight forwarder that deals with a wide range of services like Packing and storing, customs clearance, inland transportation, inventory management, insurance, etc.

Confirm credibility

A freight forwarder with good credit will help to analyze their specializations of work for efficiently handling your cargo, and it will be a good experience for you to choose your desired freight forwarders.

Seek the best service

A freight forwarder that provides you with all the essential services is the one you can consider. SLR has all the superior services and is one of the best freight forwarding company in Russia.

The longer you serve with the freight forwarding company in Russia, the best experience you can enjoy and the better they become each time for your desired service.