he Stubborn Wellness Watch is one of the most incredible dealers among modest pedometer wristbands. One of a handful of the can manage without Bluetooth and a Cell phone association.

Most other wellness arm bands must be designed with the assistance of a Cell phone Application. In contrast to this Obstinate pedometer. Everything can be designed on the little touch screen (1/2 inch long): Without Bluetooth, without Cell phone and without an Application.


This tracker isn't accessible any longer. You can purchase this one all things being equal:

The tracker sits in an adaptable arm band made of TPU material. The wristband is accessible in red, white and dark. It tends to be changed between 6.5 inch and 9 inch wrist outline.

Is it appropriate for youngsters?
For little kids somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 years, the minuscule electronic unit is still all in all too enormous, making the arm band excessively wide for the little wrists.

It's perfect for our 9-year-old child. In any case, as you can see on the photograph, the silicone wristband likewise retains a great deal of residue.

Stubborn Set-up
The set-up is straight forward.

In the first place, you need to recognize the round circle, the touch-button, with which you have some control over it. The circle is on the contrary side of the USB port through which you can charged the gadget.

The accompanying settings should be made preceding activity:

Date: year/month/day
Time: hours/minutes
Individual qualities: orientation/age/weight/level.
Our tracker was conveyed with metric and 24-hour framework, as we requested it in Europe. At the point when you request it in the US it'll be set for Lbs and Ft.

With a basic bit of the button you can explore between the capabilities:

Calories consumed
Distance strolled
Normal Speed
Length of Movement
Rest screen and
Settings (wrench symbol)
Around evening time, the action information, for example, steps, calories, distance and speed are consequently reset to 0.

The electronic unit is IP64 sprinkle resistant. You can wear it while cleaning up or in the downpour. In any case, you shouldn't scrub down or even swim with it.

The charging time is generally short. The primary charge required around 1 hour until the pedometer was completely energized. We've been trying the Headstrong Wellness Wristband for 7 days at this point and the battery is as yet holding.

How precise is it?
I should say, the means are not counted with 100 percent precision, but rather alright, while strolling regularly. We did several tests where we counted them effectively and cross checked with the Letscom pulse screen wristband as well as a Stage Counter Application on my Android Cell phone.

The Letscom starts to count after 35 stages. That is not the situation with the Unyielding. Notwithstanding, it doesn't counts typical hand developments, for instance, while composing on the console or cooking. So you are protected on this side.

No issue while driving a vehicle, all things considered

We drove an uneven street via vehicle. The wellness wristband counted no means, by the same token.

Large Issue while Cycling!

Yet, it looks very changed while cycling. We've tried the Determined pedometer while cycling and corss-checked the quantity of steps with the Android cell phone application and the Letscom Wellness Tracker.

Here we recognized clear shortcomings. While the control instruments just included a couple of stages a ride over rough cobblestones, the Resolved Wellness Arm band adds many advances, even on mostly smooth landing area.