Why is my skin still dry after wearing a mask every day? There are many reasons why the skin is still very dry after using the mask frequently, and Beaubeaux will tell you what the reasons are.

Reason 1: Use a mask every day

Using a mask every day has its own problems. Most masks are used 2-3 times a week. Even a moisturizing mask should not be used every day. Unless the skin is particularly dry, use the mask frequently. Excessive hydration can also weaken the skin barrier, which can easily lead to sensitive skin. Damaged skin barrier structure will not only allow the skin to evaporate too much moisture, but also make the skin vulnerable to external pollution, making the skin dull and losing its ability to protect itself.

Reason 2: The skin is not thoroughly cleaned

Cleanliness is the premise of skin care, so before using the mask, you must first clean the skin. If you have put on makeup, you need to remove the makeup first and then cleanse the face. If the skin is not clean, the pores will be blocked, so that the skin cannot absorb nutrients after using the mask. On the contrary, it will lead to the accumulation of keratin, and the face will naturally become more and more dry.

Reason 3: Follow-up maintenance is not in place

The human skin needs not only water, but also its own protective barrier. If you only add water and don’t pay attention to maintenance, you can only maintain a short-term moisturizing effect. Therefore, the key to hydration is to "lock water". The correct hydration method is to apply lotion or moisturizing cream after spraying, applying mask or moisturizing, so as to "lock" the skin's moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

Reason 4: The mask is not suitable for the skin

Each mask has different nutrients and different effects, such as moisturizing mask, moisturizing mask, whitening mask, repairing mask, etc. When buying a mask, you need to choose according to your skin type and skin condition, such as yours. If the skin is relatively dry, then choose a moisturizing mask or a moisturizing mask. If you have an oil control mask, the more you apply it, the drier your skin will naturally become.

Reason 5: Using an inferior mask

There are many facial masks on the market. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This sentence is very applicable in the facial mask industry. Too cheap facial masks not only have no skin care effect, but may even irritate the skin. The drier the situation.

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How to maintain dry face?

1. The cleanser should be gentle

Be careful to use a gentle cleanser. For dry skin, choose a mild cleanser with less foam. This cleanser has weak cleaning power, but it is suitable for people with dry skin. In the morning and evening, you can choose amino acid cleanser. After gentle washing, the skin will not be tight, but you should pay attention to hydration to make the skin supple and tender.

2. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must all year round. Although the sun in winter is not severe, you can’t directly expose your face to the sun for a long time. If you don’t pay attention to skin maintenance and sun protection, it will cause the skin to lack moisture, and the skin will be easy to dry and dry. It becomes rough and even allergic, so it is necessary to do a good job of sun protection.

3. Water intake

Drinking six to eight glasses of water every day will make your skin watery from the inside out. At the same time, it is an indisputable fact that water can regulate the body and eliminate toxins in the body. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

4. Get enough sleep

A good routine can give your skin a long vacation and take good care of your skin. From 8:00 to 12:00 at night, it is a good time for skin repair and renewal. The body hardly secretes stress hormones, and the skin can relax and rest.

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