Zed Run is a digital horse racing platform, that uses the Ethereum network for the secure. The horse races are streamed online and the horses are owned by other players, who can set their own resell prices. It is the closest thing to racing available right now.

How To Race Horses In Zed Run Platform?

Initially, we need to cover Classes, and your horses require a Z-rating. The classes are designed to group horses of similar abilities with the intent of leveling the playing field and maintaining a degree of ‘fairness’ in the outcomes. If the horse has never raced before, the first step is to enter the free Griffin class race. The Griffin race acts as an entry point and determines your horse’s base rating, linked to its genotype.

Now, Zedrun Introduced a new Tournament names Metaverse Cup which includes 32 new skins. Each skin represents various worlds' best Footballing countries. To participate in the challenges, you will need to own one of these skins and attach it to a ZED RUN racehorse that you own. And more challenges and events will be offered by Zedrun, which easily attracts the players to bet on their horses and get rewards for it.

If you admire starting your own digital horse racing gaming platform like zed run? Then you can choose the Ready to deploy Zedrun clone script which helps to launch your NFT Based Horse Breeding and Racing Platform with your handy budget.


Choosing Of Zed Run Horses

There are five main considerations you should explore before purchasing your first horse:

  • Bloodline
  • Genotype
  • Breed Type
  • Gender
  • Coat Color

Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a replication of the stunning blockchain-based Virtual Horse Racing Platform like ZED RUN. The Zed Run clone script has functionalities and features of the impeccable ZED RUN platform and uses NFTs to depict a racehorse. It can be seamlessly customized when required with additional features. Zed Run Clone allows users to own, breed, and race at a global scale, anytime, anywhere on an extraordinary NFT Horse Racing Platform.

As a leading NFT Game Development Company, Gamesdapp offers readymade Zed run clone scripts with white label solutions where you can launch an NFT gaming platform like Zed run. Our ZED RUN clone script mimics the functionalities and features of the impeccable ZED RUN platform and uses NFTs to depict a racehorse.

Gamesdapp supports blockchain games, NFT games, crypto games, and metaverse games, web3 games also. We are interested in creating a bigger, more profitable, successful, and enjoyable platform for everyone. 

Our Zed Run Clone Development is a decentralized NFT gaming marketplace where players can collect and view all of the items available within the platform. We only offer bug-free Zed Run Clone Software that provides a profitable and secure platform like Axie Infinity over blockchain technology.

Zed Run available on popular Blockchains

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon | Matic
  • TRON
  • Fantom
  • WAX
  • Avalanche


White Label Zed Run Clone Software

You can deploy your own NFT Marketplace like Zed Run with our White label Zed Run Clone solutions where your NFTs(horse's) run against others and come out with bulk returns. This White Label Zed Run Marketplace Clone encloses all the features and benefits of the original Zed Run NFT game.

This White label Zed Run Clone is already market ready to save your time and money, which can allow you to do customizations as per your requirements.

  • Quick Acceptance of Market
  • Rapid User Gaining
  • Huge ROI
  • On-Demand Customization
  • Easy to Brand
  • Saves Your Time and Money


Features of our Zed Run Clone:

  • Minting a Horse
  • Pay for Mint
  • Racing Logic
  • Racing Slots
  • Performance of NFTs
  • Color variation of NFTs


Benefits of Our Zed Run Clone Script

  • It provides a bundle of rewards
  • Stored in-game elements
  • Smart Contract 
  • Listing of 38,000 Genesis horses
  • Collection of Genesis horses into 4 categories
  • 1000 stimulation available
  • Lucrative reward spot holders


Steps to launch an NFT Digital horse gaming platform like Zed Run


  • Website With Proper Information Of The Game and NFTs.
  • NFT Marketplace To Mint Tokens (The horses).


  • Gaming Platform Development With Necessary Graphics.
  • Breeding Logic Implementation.


Why prefer Gamesdapp to develop an NFT Marketplace like Zed Run?


Gamesdapp has a team of blockchain architects and gaming engineers with 9+ years of experience developing blockchain-based gaming platforms and applications. They deliver products on time with the help of technical team support with a bonus of digital marketing service thrown in for good measure. The Company provides a realistic gaming environment for its users to use. Initially, they will analyze the demands and queries from the users to create their Zed Run Clone. Our blockchain-based Zed Run NFT Clone provides end-to-end marketplace services by acquiring the same features and functionalities of the game Zed Run. This clone can be created by implementing the Zed Run Clone Script that can be customized based on customers' needs and specifications at ease.

  • Multi-tested Readymade Clone
  • Whitelabel Solutions
  • Best Class Game Development
  • 200+ Skilled Blockchain Experts
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