The electronic energy meter is needed by almost every household, so the electric energy meter is very practical. Especially the electronic energy meter, which is the first electric meter in my memory.

Electric energy meters are divided into induction type and electronic type. The induction type electric energy meter uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert voltage, current, and phase into magnetic moments to drive the rotation of the aluminum disc. The shaft of the disc drives the drum of the counter to rotate. The process of turning is the process of time accumulation. Therefore, the advantages of inductive watt-hour meters are intuitive, dynamic, and continuous, and no data loss during power outages. The circuit obtains the product of the voltage and the current vector and then realizes the electric energy measurement function through an analog or digital circuit. Due to the application of digital technology, time-sharing meter, prepaid meter, and multi-function meter have appeared one after another, further satisfying the demand for scientific and rational electricity use.

And single phase meter should not be unfamiliar to us, single phase meter is still very much used in the family.