Do you like explosions? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should give some consideration to playing the role of an Artillerist Gunner in Lost Ark. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to show off your skills. They may not be as nimble as the Gunslinger, but they are extremely well-armed with large mechanical launchers and sturdy armor.


Massive Guns, such as those utilized by Artillerists, are versatile pieces of equipment that can fulfill a number of functions, including those of a Launcher and a Flamethrower, amongst others. However, their movement speed in Lost Ark is significantly slower compared to that of the other gunner classes in the game. This is as a result of the enormous weapon and armor that they wear.

Even when they are at a greater distance, these individuals are very effective at dealing damage at close to mid-range and further out, as well as further out. On the other hand, if you need a gunner who can shoot at a long range, you won't discover what you're looking for in an artillerist.

After you have made the decision to make an Artillerist your gunner, it is time to investigate the two distinct class engravings that you will obtain.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at the two different engraving options you have available to you for the Artillerist gunner class.

The first engraving that will be covered in this lesson is titled "The Barrage," and the actual engraving bears that name. The Artillerist Barrage and the engraving that accompanies it are both wonderful additions to the canons of the other.

The cooldown on any and all Barrage-related skills will be reset whenever an opponent is eliminated as soon as it is equipped, and this effect will last as long as the engraving for Barrage is equipped. This effect will start to work as soon as it is activated. You will continue to benefit from this enhancement for as long as you keep the Barrage engraving on your weapon.

One of the optional engravings that you can get for your Artillerist class is titled "Firepower Enhancement," and it is one of the engravings that you can get. It's the second engraving you can get for your Artillerist class if you play your cards right. In comparison to the Barrage engraving, which players of Lost Ark also have access to, this one is utilized quite a bit more frequently. Firepower Enhancement has a positive impact on both the rate at which critical hits are scored and the defense. In addition to that, the probability of scoring a critical hit has been brought up to a higher level. Because of this, it is a very good choice for venturing into dungeons and going on expeditions in general. You are going to be quite taken aback by how sturdy the engraving actually is. This price increase will take effect as soon as possible. Along with that, the amount of damage that the Artillerist takes from enemies will also be reduced by thirty percent as part of the upgrade.

Players of Lost Ark who opt to specialize as artillerist gunners have access to a wide variety of different educational opportunities throughout the course of their gameplay.

Your intuition was right on the money, and it was spot on! Let's not waste any more of your time and talk about those points together so that we can get this over with and get on with our lives.


The following is a list of the abilities that the Artillerist Gunner class in Lost Ark finds to be the most useful:


1. As long as you keep your back to the target while you are firing your flamethrower in front of you, you are free to move around while you are doing so

2.  A total of 4 seconds were spent with the fire raging, and the damage it caused was equal to 1,584 points

3.  They are capable of dealing a maximum of 681 damage

You can deal 1,558 damage to your foes and drive them fleeing in all directions by bombarding the location that you have targeted with the barrage howitzer.

When you fire a lethal and penetrating energy cannon at your adversaries, you have the potential to deal up to 5818 damage to each of them individually.

The massive area-of-effect attack that is unleashed is known as the Napalm Shot, and it renders the opponent unconscious while also setting the battleground ablaze and dealing damage. Additionally, it deals damage when you use the Napalm Shot. The DoT ability Energy Field conjures a shield that, for the next four seconds, absorbs damage equal to 31% of your maximum health. This shield lasts for the entire duration of the effect.

In order for you to successfully complete the engraving for the Barricade, you will need this shield.

To start the Homing Barrage, the first thing that needs to be done is to position a homing device within eight meters of the target. This is required in order to start the process. After a delay of four seconds, an exploding missile flies by, knocking enemies into the air and dealing 1,673 damage to each and every one of them in total. This power can be activated an unlimited number of times.

When it comes to the Awakening Skills, which are significantly more powerful than the regular skills found in Lost Ark, the Artillerist has access to two completely separate abilities that can be used in their class. The first of these is called the Heavy Turret, and the second of these is called the Missile Barrage. Both of these are examples of these types of weapons. This is due to the fact that the two skills work extremely well together and complement one another. As a direct result of these abilities, your rivals will experience nothing short of total and utter discomfiture. This Awakening Skill is not available to any other Lost Ark subclasses besides the Artillerist gunner subclass. The very name of the ability itself makes it abundantly clear that it possesses the potential to cause harm to others.

In order to provide some further context, the Missile Barrage function will fire twenty rockets into the atmosphere. These rockets will land in the location that you designate, and when they detonate, they will inflict 45,000 damage on all of the opponents that are within a certain radius of the explosion!

The Heavy Turret is the following item on our agenda after we finish the current one. When you have this Awakening Skill, your Artillerist will make use of a heavy turret for the amount of time that you decide upon when the skill is activated. You have control over the length of time that it will spend using the turret as a resource. We guarantee that by the end of these twenty seconds, at least half of the fighting area will have been cleared of debris and swept clean!