The big night is almost here and you’re not quite ready yet? Are you wondering what the hottest colors and fabrics for prom dresses will be, what length of dress you should wear, or which shoes and accessories you should pick out to add the finishing touch to your look? We can help!


Like all of your friends, you want to stand out from the crowd. Check out our selection and find the perfect prom dress with this year’s most stylish details!


Long Prom Dresses

This timeless dress suits everyone and will never go out of style! What makes these dresses different this season is that they mix solid and sheer fabrics. A sheer overlay gives the dress its length while the shorter lining allows you to subtly show off your legs. In terms of embellishment, lace and embroidery remain classics. They highlight your shoulders and arms while giving your look an air of elegance.


Short Prom Dresses

With this dress, you'll want to start spinning on the dancefloor! Currently, short prom dresses are dancing the night away in pastel shades of satin. Their glossy and iridescent finishes as well as their puff sleeves remind us of the early 2000s. Picking one of these dresses is a daring choice that everyone will definitely remember!

Casual Prom Dresses

In 2019, fashion comes comfy! So, slip on a light dress style that'll you be able to wear again once prom is over. Opt for an on-trend twist by wearing it with a pair of sneakers. Also, add lace or mesh socks and decorate your ankles with this chic and adorable detail.

Colorful Prom Dresses

It’s the perfect time to put on a color that you’ve always dreamed of wearing! Dress to dazzle in scarlet red, white, emerald green, or royal blue prom dresses. And why not give your look a modern spin with complementary colors and color blocking? Try pairing a neon pink dress with blue shoes and a yellow purse, for example.

Black Prom Dresses

A black dress is your best friend if you’re more of the conventional type. Bold enough to push your limits just a little bit further? A black jumpsuit is as chic as a dress but much more unique! You can also try a tuxedo, like the one Carrie Bradshaw wore so well. Just slip on a shirt, blazers, pair of pants, high heels, and lots of bright, feminine accessories.


Finishing touches are what will really make your outfit unique. This season, jewelry is testing out asymmetry and mixing different materials: silver, gold, feathers, crystals, pearls… everything goes with everything!


For shoes, block heels are ultra-trendy. They’ll keep you comfortable while you’re on your feet for hours and allow you to walk with confidence.

Naturally, you want to immortalize the night and take a ton of photos. Why not carry a cell phone case covered in sequins or one that has a metallic sheen that’ll flawlessly finish off what you’re wearing?

Remember, your goal is to blue prom dresses fantastic about how fabulous you look. It’s your night and you’re free to choose a style that suits you best. But most importantly, have fun!