When buying a dressing table mirror, there are several options available. Some are shaped like a square or rectangle. Others have an oval shape and are made of metal. AB Glas & Tra, Beithcraft, and Poltrona Frau all make good examples of dressing table mirror combos. It's important to choose the perfect one for your room and personal taste.

Oval dressing table mirrors


If you want a dressing table with a unique design, you should consider purchasing an oval dressing table mirror. These tables are often made of wood, mirror and glass. They can be found from as early as the 18th century and as recent as the 20th. Georgian or Art Deco oval dressing table mirrors can be particularly attractive.

Rectangular dressing table mirrors


Rectangular dressing table mirrors can be used in the bedroom or bathroom. They add a touch of class to a room. You should choose one that's the right shape, size, and style for your home. Also, remember to choose one that is placed according to Vastu principles, which encourages positive energy.


If you want a mirror that saves space, consider getting one that's wall-mounted. These mirrors are available in different styles and finishes, which makes them very versatile. Wall-mounted mirrors can come with either open or closed shelves. A downside to an open shelf is that you will have to constantly clean it, which can take up a lot of space.


While getting ready is a routine part of life, it's still important to look your best. As such, selecting a dressing table mirror is an important decision. If it's aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and the right size, you'll spend more time in front of it each day. Even if you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can create a luxurious dressing room with a high-quality mirror.


If you want to go antique, try 1stDibs, where they have a great selection of vintage and new mirrors. You can also get helpful tips for styling contemporary mirrors.

Square dressing table mirrors


If you're looking for a dressing table mirror, you have several options available. You can get a traditional wood-framed model, or go modern with a metal or acrylic frame. Choose one that is made of high-quality material that will last for years. A wood-framed mirror will make your room look stylish and classy.


You can also go for a square-shaped mirror. It is a popular choice, and it can be placed against the wall without using nails. But, it is always better to have a frame around it to avoid it from splintering. A square mirror can be framed in different ways, and you should choose one that complements your decor.


Mirrors are an essential part of any dressing table. Whether they're ornately carved with intricate details or modern glass, they add drama to the room. Don't think a dressing table mirror has to be boring - you can get ones that have lights and are free-standing or pivoting.


If you'd like to accommodate multiple people at once, a multi-set dressing table mirror is an excellent choice. This type of mirror can feature two or more mirror fixtures. These are also an ideal choice if you have multiple siblings who want their own dressing table.