Ever ask yourself that how is your sex life going? 

Recent survey by sexologist in India found that most of the young men think about sex and pleasure about 19 times per day which is higher than women who generally think about sexual activities at least 10 times daily. In spite of all that, it has been observed that mostly men actually stay confused about what is a great sex life is? and how to have it for pleasure. Men face both kinds of barriers which include mental and physical while having intercourse. Sometimes, men questioned themselves with self-doubt misperceptions about sex. 
In the films, sex generally looks incredible. Be that as it may, assuming you're similar to a lot of men, sex may not be great as per your previous experience. You may feel stress, worries about your sexual performance, or even hesitance about your body. Regardless the situation, it simply feels like you're not engaging in sexual relations as frequently as every other person. 
Here are a few basic tips by Sexologist in India which you can fulfill yourself and your partner's sexual expectations and would have better sex life: 

Sexologist in India
1. Talk more with regards to sex 

Frequently we don't discuss sex thinking it is something just happening to us and will be little embarrassing to discuss it with anybody. In any case, we really must keep all our doubts aside and should talk freely with Sexologist in India about sexual concerns.