The Canon Pixma MX490 is a multifunction printer (MFP) with the ability to print, copy, and scan. especially when used with the Canon MX490 Setup installation CD. The user is guided step-by-step through the installation process in this handbook. The Canon Pixma MX490 is a multifunction printer that can also be used as a scanner, copier, and fax machine. This article includes information for configuring this device. It also explains how to connect the printer to your router and PC, as well as how to install the ink cartridges.

The features, benefits, and usage instructions for the Pixma MX490 all-in-one printer are described on this page. The Pixma MX490 offers the best in home printing with wireless capabilities, high definition printing, and a massive paper capacity of 250 sheets. We'll go through how to set up your new printer, how to connect it to your home network, and some basic troubleshooting methods.

Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Setup

The Canon Pixma MX490 printer setup is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. After completing these Canon Pixma Mx490 Installation Download, you can begin printing. To get your Canon Pixma Mx490 printer up and running, you'll need the following:

  • a laptop or computer with a USB port
  • a presence on the internet (you can use a wired Ethernet cable if you prefer).
  • a wireless network that you (if not already) have set up

Using A Usb Connection To Connect Your Printer To Your Computer

To connect your printer to your computer, you'll need a USB cable. If you don't already have one, get one right now. To activate both devices, perform the following action:

  • Install the printer's setup software (in most cases, this will be located in the Start menu).
  • Connect one end of the USB cord to the device and the other end to an accessible computer port (usually somewhere near where other cables are plugged in).
  • Turn on both devices immediately after turning them on using power switches similar to these by pressing "Start" or any other button that causes an action to occur when pressed

How to connect your wireless network to your printer

First, setup your wireless network. If you have already performed this step, you may go forward to step 3. The printer should now be linked to the newly formed wireless network by:

  • Turning on both power wires and the electricity (the power cable is longer than the USB cable)
  • Plug the other end of each cable into the matching port on the back of each printer.
  • Establish a wireless connection.
  • Join with a USB cord.
  • To connect directly to a computer, use the printer's USB port.


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