Indian medical students start to enroll in Russian Medical Universities despite the war                               

No matter the continuing Russia-Ukraine war, Indian clinical college students are taking admission to Russian clinical Universities. Russia attacked Ukraine while Ukraine tips to sign up for NATO in spite of Russia’s refusal. The scenario between Russia and Ukraine is becoming very bad, however that isn't always deterring Indian students. The warfare between Russia and Ukraine has put a strain on the Russian banking system, making payments very hard. no matter such terrible situations, Indian students retain to sign up at Russian scientific Universities. As of June 20, 2022, there had been round 20,220 Indian students in general, with 2900 of them on campus. many of the 1899 college students enrolled this yr, 900 were first-yr college students. maximum have opted for offline lessons and plan to live in Russia for better schooling.

Whenever students faced difficulties, the Russian university supported them. There is russia open for indian tourists were students and their parents who were incensed because of the situation. The Russian Medical University offered them to return to India to study online and return when they feel safe & comfortable," said Arvind, president of the Indian Students Association, in response to a question about how they were dealing with the situation given Crimea's proximity to Eastern Ukraine, where a full-fledged war is underway.

is russia safe for international students

A student is russia safe for international students tells us how they manage their finances in that situation when banking restrictions are imposed upon Russia. Students are arranging the money. It is not that easy, But they are managing somehow. Some Indians who live here help students. Also, Some students who come from India bring money for us from our families. While no one has faced online abuse or trolling for choosing to study in Russia, a territory annexed by Russia, Russians around the world have faced many difficulties at the hands of people, organizations, and universities because of President Putin's decisions to attack Ukraine.