In recent times when the war between Russia & Ukraine has begun. Due to this, Many doubts have arisen in the minds of Indian Students about whether studying in Russia is safe as before or not. Russia is a very popular country among Indian students for study, especially Indian medical students who’d love to study MBBS at Russian Medical Universities. Russia has many top-class Medical Universities which offer quality education & world-class facilities. MBBS course fees in Russia are very affordable compared to India because the Russian government provides subsidies to their medical universities. Every year many medical students not only from India but also foreign students went to Russia to pursue different medical courses. Indian students is russia safe for indian students after war in Russia say the situation is not scary at all. Universities are open to any studies that are going on.While Indian students in Ukraine are mostly back from the war-hit country, those in Russia say they will return only after completing their degrees because Russia is much safer than Ukraine. Russia is the largest country by area in the world and one of the strongest countries in the world. Russia has the most numbers of Nuclear missiles than any country. Many Indian students in Russia said they are totally safe in the country even as they criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for the conflict towards Ukraine, which has now dragged on for almost two months. they also stated that there have been no large modifications of their existence and they were studying & carrying out their each day duties as common.situations In Ukraine are greater complex than in Russia:Indian students who back from warfare-torn Ukraine in April and may are actually harassed approximately their destiny and how they could keep their schooling at Ukrainian clinical Universities. they're both quitting their scientific publications, looking for transfers to educational institutions in different international locations, or looking ahead to the Indian government to help them discover places in clinical colleges at domestic. Russian medical universities additionally offer admission to their medical universities to complete their guides. Russian Universities start the technique for admission in 2022-23 and lots of Indian students get right of entry to their Universities to pursue medical courses. So Russia is pretty secure for Indian students to have a look at in Russia.