10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone – Although we have become accustomed to depending on smartphones for most of our daily lives, all too often we run applications, services, or systems that unnecessarily affect battery life. 

Of course, higher resolution screens and faster processors are what smartphone manufacturers are focusing on. But the truth is, most users just want a phone that won’t die by the end of the day.

A Morning Consult survey of more than 1,800 people showed that 95% of those surveyed chose battery life as the most important feature when choosing a new smartphone. Obviously, smartphone owners prefer simplicity and convenience. 

Proof? The durable screen and storage capacity came in second and third in this poll. However, battery development technologies are not improving at the same rate as processors.

Alas, nothing in this world lasts forever, and this also applies to lithium batteries that are used in modern smartphones. 

10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone

But there are a few secrets that allow you to extend battery life, and we will share them with you so that you do not have to change the battery of your device for a long time.

Before someone invents a new generation of batteries, it is worth reminding smartphone owners that power management is of great importance in the use of a smartphone.

While some of these tricks may be outdated, they can still help extend the life of your battery until the next charge.

1. Disable background apps.

Many apps keep running in the background even after you think you’ve closed them. For example, GPS based services such as mapping applications or navigators! Tracking your location greatly reduces the battery life of your smartphone. 

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