Virus sampling tubes ease the stress of health care workers

Virus sampling tubes have been put into use to reduce the stress of medical staff. This time, the implementation of virus sampling tube production will bring more convenience.

To better assist medical staff in collecting viruses and monitoring samples for distribution and use of virus sampling tubes, these samples are widely available, convenient and clean.

Disposable virus sampling tubes are safer because the tubes are a complete set of centrifuges for sampling and transporting influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth disease virus and other viruses. Therefore, it is safer and more convenient to have a sampling tube. After all, disposable virus sampling tubes that have been sterilized and sterilized are very convenient for single use and have no contamination problems.

Not only for sampling tubes for influenza virus, HFMD virus and other viruses, but also for sampling of mycoplasma, chlamydia and mycoplasma. Also, virus sampling tubes for transporting nasopharyngeal swab samples or tissue samples from the sampling site to a specific laboratory at a specific location for polymerase chain reaction extraction and testing. In addition, viral sampling tubes for preserving nasopharyngeal swab samples or tissue samples in specific locations for necessary cell culture are also available.

In order to make virus sampling tubes easy to use for medical personnel and patients, it is important to consider not only the method of use, but also their appearance when making sampling tubes. In production, we use white soft plant fleece to accommodate different populations. Also, the fragile design makes it easier to use, and it is individually packaged and radiation sterilized.