I. Package form.


1、Individually packed: 1 cervical swab



2, simple packaging: 1 cervical swab, a cell preservation solution


Second, the cervical sampling swab product characteristics


Gynecological disease sampling flock swab, mostly used for gynecological cervical, vaginal sample collection, TCT test, Pap test


Third, the advantages of gynecological sampling swab.


A large number of clinical trials have shown that: compared with ordinary sterile swabs, nylon flocked swabs have a better effect on the collection and delivery of clinical biological samples, especially for those samples that can not be sent in time and placed for too long.


Four, performance.


1、Connection strength: When the moving rate of tensile testing machine fixture is 200㎜/min; the pull-off force of sampling head and one end of connecting rod should be not less than 2N,


2、Fracture strength: When the test span is 6㎝. The swab should be able to withstand 4N axial static pressure. Last 15s without permanent deformation or fracture




3、Rotational friction: After gluing the ABS rod and spraying the flock, the fastness to friction refers to the test is not more than 2N, rotational friction 360 degrees not less than 3 times, the amount of surface debonding is not more than 2.