Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Double-sided adhesive tapes from our extensive range are used, for example, in the automotive, window, glass and furniture industries or for white goods. They are suitable for the permanent bonding of logos, rear-view mirrors, moldings, profiles and glazing bars, for battery bonding or for joining and bonding many different substrates.To get more news about Double Sided Glazing Tape, you can visit official website.
For those jobs that require bonding tape, we have a varied selection of double sided, high strength applications, ideal for use with anything from glazing to ceramics.

Straight forward, discrete and quick to use, the right double sided tape provides the solution to permanent bonding across a variety of materials. These adhesives are so versatile they can be used when working with textiles, foams, woods, metals and PVC. Whether the double sided tape is needed to withstand the elements, high stress or high temperatures, each of our products have unique properties that can work to give a tidy and effective finish. A number of our glass tapes are also able to withstand chemicals,helping to maintain their long-lasting effect.
Industries: Both the double-sided polyethylene foam and the thin, double-sided adhesive tapes are used in the window, glass and furniture industries, in the glazier trade and many other industries.

Areas of application: The ranges include products suitable for the permanent bonding of fascias, mouldings, profiles and glazing bars, signs, emblems, hooks or also for splicing paper and film webs. Indoors and outdoors, many different substrates can be joined and bonded with our PE foam adhesive tapes. These include materials such as metal, glass, plastics (e.g. PC, ABS, PS, PVC, PE, PP, rigid PVC) wood or textured and powder-coated surfaces. Our products can even be used on critical, low-energy substrates.
We manufacture according to your design: on request, we can customise your double-sided adhesive tape from the 4000 or 7000 series as you need it for your production or special applications. Because we know that effective productivity in the further processing of adhesive tapes is essential today.

Advice: In addition, we will be happy to advise you on technical application questions and support you in integrating our products into your process.

Which double-sided adhesive tape is right for you?
Feel free to contact us if you would like to buy double-sided adhesive tape in rolls and need assistance with product selection or advice on processing, for example. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.