There are a wide variety of safety glass interlayers on the market, each with different properties. PVB film is the standard for safety glass because of its strong bonding power, transparency, and flexibility as the component pvbPVB it contains. The challenge is that its interlayer is very sensitive to moisture, which makes it difficult in humid environments.

An alternative to PVB interlayers is the use of reinforced or hardened Ionoplast structures. Interlayers Ionoplast provide a stronger coupling effect between the glass panels, thereby greatly increasing the strength of the glass structure well beyond the traditional PVB limitations. It allows higher loads with the same glass thickness, which is ideal for a hurricane or high-impact areas, or where glass thickness may be reduced compared to alternative options for the same load requirements. It is also the best choice for exterior glass railings because of its clearer properties and less absorption of moisture.

Another alternative is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which provides long-term moisture and weather resistance. Just like PVB, it provides some degree of impact resistance.

Knowing the application of the front end, whether exterior or interior, potential wet environments, and impact resistance, can go a long way in choosing the right mid-tier solution and achieving the desired performance or easier installation.

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