The so-called automatic screw feeding machine is known by several nicknames (automatic screw locking machine, automatic screw feeder, industrial tightening system, screw locking robot, etc.). In simple terms, an automatic screw feeding machine is a machine that replaces the traditional manual tightening of screws.

The two main types of manual screwing are hand tightening and electric screwdrivers. In contrast to manual tightening, which is mainly carried out by hand, the electric screwdriver, which generates rotational power electrically or pneumatically and replaces the frequent manual tightening action, is more convenient and less labour-intensive. The electric screwdriver reduces the workload of locking screws to a certain extent. However, the overall increase in efficiency is limited by the amount of time and effort required to place the screws and align the screw heads manually. As a result, automatic screw feeding machines have emerged.

The automatic screw feeding machine consists of a screw automatic alignment unit.

M2.3 Automatic screw feeding machine for automation production

The main components are the automatic screw tightening unit, the automatic screw feeding unit and the inspection unit during the locking process.

The main action of the automatic screw feeding unit is to arrange the bulk screws in a neat manner and then output them individually. This is achieved mainly by means of a vibrating disc sorting mechanism (or, of course, by means of a rocker screw sorting mechanism).

The main task of the automatic screw transport unit is to transport the screws in a single row to the head of the screw tightening unit.

The automatic screwing unit consists mainly of a rotating power section and a screw introduction section. Since the work is continuous, the air-blowing type does not require the head to move back and forth, so its overall efficiency is better than that of the adsorption type. However, it is important to note that not every type of screw is suitable for the air-blowing method, as it is inherently limited by the shape and length-to-diameter ratio of the screw.

The inspection unit during the locking process includes the detection of screw leaks, floating locks and material jams.

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