If you wish to become a chief executive officer one day, then you need to learn from the best. As the founder and CEO of Delos shipping which is a ship leasing platform, you can be sure that Brian Ladin has the right experience as one. He understands what people need to know about businesses and tries to deliver his best at every time. He has excelled a lot in his field just because he has the right mindset and attitude. But if you also wish to become a chief executive officer in the future, you can learn a lot from him. There are a few things that you can learn. Some of them have been listed below.

Learning from the Past

One thing you can learn from Brian Ladin is his ability to always learn from his past. He always ensures to analyze his mistakes and takes the right steps to help him improve his work and do better for the business he is working for. So, before becoming a chief executive officer, he worked with different businesses and gained the right experience by always analyzing his mistakes and taking the right steps to make amends in the way he functions.

Realistic Optimism

Setting goals for your business and yourself is great. However, setting unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved is not correct. When you set such goals, you make yourself sad because those goals can simply not be achieved. So, you should be optimistic, but you should only be realistic while setting goals so that you can achieve the ones you set for yourself. Those goals should be set keeping all the factors in mind so that you are not disappointed by the result. This is something that you can truly learn from Brian Ladin.

Listening to Others

What makes CEOs better is their ability to listen to others and take calculated risks at the right time. So, from the journey of Brian Ladin, you can learn how you should listen to the other members of your team and should give them equal importance. This will help you grow as a CEO and achieve success in the best way possible. We should also learn how to take a risk to make the most of things at all times. The story of Brian Ladin is quite inspiring, and all future CEOs must check it out once.

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