A corset is a well known and a tight undergarment worn to minimize the waistline and bring forth the hourglass feminine figure of a woman. Derived from the old Latin and French word, a corset has always been a fascination with women. Available across various sizes and colors, the clothing has once again become the latest in the fashion industry. It molds itself to the wearer's body. Therefore, wearing a used corset leads to pain and discomfort.
Originally, the corsets were referred to as "stays". The stiffness was removed by use of buckram, horn and whalebone. Later on, further improvement used ivory, metal or wood for the center front. Modern corsets were created as waistcoats, which were quilted. French were the first to use such a plus size corset. These were linen, which was quilted, with lace in the front and was never boned. It was generally used during informal occasions.
Large women look good and have a great feeling wearing a corset. In the earlier eras, corsets were used to make the women look slim. So typically, a plus sized woman would look great in the corset tops that will enhance the curves she has and her body looks modified.
Plus size corset is typically used by large women. Thus, stores nowadays have a fitting room for accommodating such clothing. The different types of corsets available are one-piece foundations, side hooking girdle, busk front corset and a semi step-in corset. Plus size corset is also changed, if there is a fashion need. These are termed as fashion corsets.
Advantages of wearing a plus size corset are many. They help in improving the posture of a plus sized woman. Plus size corset even helps in reducing pain. In addition, disorders of your skeleton, if any, are reduced. For women with large breasts, a plus size corset is more comfortable than bras. Breast weight is carried by the full corset rather than the straps of the bra. Straps can harm the skin by chaffing them or cutting them. Training by wearing corsets can also reduce the waist size.
Some of the available corset types include Sexy Corset, Overbust Corsets, Leather Lace Up Dress, Leather Corset with Zipper, "Belle Epoque" style Corset, Leather Madam "Dee" Corset, Axfords Bridal Satin, Floral tapestry corset, Vinyl Bridal Corset and Veil, Dragon print tapestry bustier, Velvet Short Corset, Long sleeve lace bustier, Dragon Print Satin Corset, Lingerie style corset and Satin strapless bustier. These are available as a plus size corset too.
Corset size selection is very important. Generally, it should be smaller in size than the actual size of the waist. Ex for a 32-inch waist needs a 28-inch corset. If you want to train, then the size of the corsets you buy should be getting smaller as you progress in the training. Putting on the corset for the first time requires it to be laced tightly.
Whether you agree or not, a plus size corset has been specially designed for plus sized women to make them look more beautiful and be a part of the crowd.